There are many factors to consider when getting a Cyclo Vac installed in your home to ensure the system fits perfectly, such as, type of floors, installation of the piping system (length and height), allergies, pets and number of vacuum. We are happy to discuss these matters with you and find a system that matches your family’s needs.

An overview

Cyclo Vac designs and manufactures high quality ducted vacuums that are industry recognised for their innovative technology, reliability and efficiency. Features such as strong vacuuming power, high indoor air quality, efficiency, ease of use, and quietness due to its unique design are few of the many advantages of owning a Cyclo Vac ducted cleaning system. We, HEL Rimu, are trained and experienced in installing these systems and do so Taranaki-wide.

How does it work?

Ducted vacuum systems are the most convenient, efficient modern method for cleaning every corner of your home. The power unit is located outside the living area in the garage or in an external wall of the home, with outlets located in a variety of convenient locations throughout the house. When vacuuming, just insert the lightweight hose into the wall or floor inlets located conveniently throughout your home. The dust and dirt is then removed completely from the environment and odours are whisked away making your home healthier.

Retractable Hose System- Easy, practical and efficient!

In addition to the standard vacuum hoses, Cyclo Vac also have the option of retractable hoses for your whole home or selected rooms. The revolutionary retractable hose system enables you to start your central vacuum system and pull out your hose directly from the inlet. Use the length of hose you need at that moment, no more, no less. When you're finished, the system uses the suction from your central vacuum to retract the hose in the piping system, within the walls of you house. No more awkward equipment to lug around, no dangerous and annoying electrical cords and no wheels to scratch the wooden floors!

Dustpan Technology - Sweeping away the crumbs for good!

The system also features an automatic dustpan which is installed in kitchens and bathrooms. It is flush mounted to your cabinet kick board, making it convenient and discreet. The dustpan is simply opened with the tip of your toe, which starts up the vacuum system. This allows you to just sweep away dust and crumbs without having to bend over and pick them up.