We, HEL Rimu, are the certified DVS® installers for Taranaki. Our fully trained team are available to install or service your DVS® heating and cooling devices. So, for a drier, healthier home with DVS®, contact us today!

Ventilation - For a drier, healthier home

Ventilation with fresh filtered air is at the heart of a healthy home. DVS® Ventilation Systems remove the stale moisture-laden air from your home, replacing it with fresh filtered air. This significantly reduces problems like condensation, mould, mildew, asthma and allergies.

Heating - Keep your home warm and snug for winter

DVS® offers an attractive and affordable range of heating solutions to suit your individual needs.

Cooling - Keep cool during summer

Because people spend up to 90% of their time indoors it's important for your home environment to healthy AND comfortable.  During the summer months, homes are often closed up while people are out so when they come home it can be unbearably hot. The Healthy Home Group offers cooling solutions to ensure your home is as comfortable as possible no matter what the season.

Fujitsu Heat Pump from DVS® is one of the most efficient heating methods in New Zealand. But what you may not know is that they can also be operated in reverse and used to keep your home cool and fresh on a hot, humid summer's day - giving you perfect year-round temperature as a result. You’ll be cool and refreshed in summer, and warm and cosy in winter. At the touch of a button, you select the exact temperature that suits you. You can even set the remote control timer so that your heat pump switches on or off at a pre-set time or day.

Why is DVS® so trusted?

  • They are stable, experienced and hassle free.

  • With over 17 years in business, over 50,000 installations and as part of the Healthy Home Group, you can trust DVS.

  • They provide a vast range of quality solutions for your home.

  • DVS® consultants, such as us (HEL Rimu) who are fully trained experts on a wide range of home comfort solutions across ventilating, heating, cooling and central vacuum systems. Each of their products is a proven performer with an extensive warranty.

Official partner of Asthma NZ

The installation of a DVS® home ventilation system may assist people with asthma-related illnesses and other respiratory conditions.

Cost efficient alternative

In-Home DVS® systems are fast becoming the preferred solution to ventilation problems. It's quiet, unobtrusive and costs much less than a dehumidifier to run. (A dehumidifier can cost around 60 cents a day ($18 per month as opposed to the DVS®, which costs 5 to 7 cents per day (less than $2 per month). 

For more information on DVS® and the available products, check out their latest brochure.

We can help! We have installed hundreds of DVS® systems and heating and cooling devices in both new and existing homes over the years with many happy customers. Get in touch to talk options for your home or business.