We have the practical expertise from working within the industrial and commercial sectors for over 65 combined years. Give us a call today, we can help with all your wiring needs.

New Buildings

If you are planning a new building, we can provide you with a free estimate on costs for all your electrical requirements. We offer a full supply and installation service on electrical, air conditioning and security systems for your new premises.


Alterations and Additions

We can assist with all your electrical alterations and additions. We are flexible and can work hours that cause the least amount of inconvenience for your business and customers. 

Floodlighting & Security Lighting

These can be provided wherever outdoor lighting is needed to ensure the area is adequately lit at night. Car parks, sports grounds, yards, entrance ways, driveways or loading bays are just a few places that would benefit having lighting.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

All computers and electronic devices need a reliable power source. If your AC power supply is unreliable then you need an Uninterruptible Power Supply (U.P.S). A U.P.S ensures that your electronic systems receive a regulated and protected supply.

This means that all power surges and spikes are eliminated and power outages can be managed, enabling data to be saved and equipment powered down safely. 


Make your company’s signs and billboards stand out at night with effective and eye-catching lighting. There are lots of options, give us a call to talk about the best one for you and your business.


The maintenance and servicing of lifts is important when ensuring the safety of your customers and staff.  We can help you with lift maintenance, servicing and repairs. We are the Taranaki agents for Schindler and EML.

Air Conditioning

Offices, shops, computer rooms and anywhere heating or cooling is required. We are highly experienced in the installation of most types of air conditioning units. We also offer a reliable maintenance service.

Engine Alternators

Would a prolonged power outage cripple your business? Is your power supply reliable? We can install and maintain an engine alternator, automatic start panel, changeover switches and associated equipment. Contact us today to discuss options.