Building Automation, Infra-red Testing, Temperature Recording, Electrical Inspection and Certification, Battery Discharge Testing.

Building Automation (BMS)

KNX is the world’s only open standard for building control and automation and can make major energy savings of up to 60%, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of a building. This is truly green sustainable technology that can be applied to small and large buildings alike. The standard has been adopted by many international manufacturers who together provide a vast array of KNX certified products for a range of building control applications including lighting, HVAC, intruder alarms, audio visual systems, household appliances, blinds/solar control and automatic window control, facade management, metering, monitoring, applications energy management and control. 

Infra-Red Testing

We are able to scan areas of switchboards, battery packs, cable racks, generators, or any electric/mechanical device for hotspots that may indicate bad connections, short circuits or other electrical deterioration. The device we use is Hand held and totally portable. Book a time with us today for testing.

Temperature Recording

Our temperature monitoring system can record temperature variations over any given time scale and are stored in data memory. Contact us to find out more.

Electrical Inspection and Certification

Our qualified team are able to provide a full electrical inspection and certification service. Book us in today.

Battery Discharge Testing

We have battery discharging equipment to test that battery banks will still perform to spec when required to do so. Contact us today to book in for battery testing.