Renovating, building or just needing a broken oven element fixed. At HEL Rimu we have the experience to help you no matter the size of the job, with practical advice on the latest in electrical home and garden technology.

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New houses

We are experts in new home electrical services and can assist you with the design and installation of all your electrical, security, air conditioning, phone and TV requirements. Send us your plans for a free estimate.

Alterations and additions

Are you interested in making changes to your home? We can work alongside other trades to ensure all your electricity needs are met during your renovations.

Repairs and maintenance

We can repair all your electrical faults, such as; broken power points and light switches, faulty lights, loss of hot water, broken stove elements, faulty ovens, heaters or air conditioning units. Drop us a line with what needs fixing.

Interior lighting design

We can install all types of interior lighting, such as; halogen spots, LED upgrades, down lights, wall lighting, picture lighting, feature lighting and bedside lighting. We can advise you on the best location and type of lighting for your home. Get in touch today to discuss your lighting design needs.

Air conditioning/Heat pumps

We have fully trained air conditioning and heat pump technicians for domestic installation and maintenance of existing systems. We are approved Fujitsu installers and can also supply and install Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Daikin air conditioners.


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Garden lighting

Outdoor lighting such as on pathways or plants and fountains can add another dimension to your garden. Lights throughout your property can also improve security by having them on motion sensors.

Outdoor lighting can also improve the indoor-outdoor flow making entertaining outside at night time a breeze. Contact us today to discuss ideas and options.


Phone Jacks and USB plugs

We can install extra phone jacks and/or USB plugs throughout your home for your convenience. 

Extraction fans

Kitchens, bathrooms and toilets all need extraction fans. It is a legal requirement that extraction fans are vented to go outside - not up into your homes roof space. Plus you don't want the moist air going into your roof space and damaging your insulation or roof structure. To have an extraction fan installed correctly contact us!        

Speakers and sound systems

We can install speakers within your home and outdoor living space to improve your sound system. Speakers throughout the home will allow music to be played in various rooms, plus outdoor speakers are perfect for summer entertaining.